Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Beautiful World

I see beauty in handwritten letters, in knitted sweaters, sometimes even in gutters
I see beauty in a flooded street, in a rock n roll beat, sometimes even in polio feet
I see beauty in the innocent eyes, in your harmless lies, sometimes even in hopeless sighs
I see beauty in lemon fish, or in any other dish, sometimes even in an unclaimed wish
I see beauty in a beggar's bowl, in a lonely soul, sometimes even in a mine of coal,
I see beauty in vanilla ice cream, in an interrupted dream, sometimes even in a flat hymn.
I see beauty in morning walks, in old wall clocks, sometimes even in electric shocks.

Beauty lies in the beholders eyes, even if your cosmetics think otherwise.

I see beauty in mickey mouse, in a doll house, sometimes even in petulant spouse
I see beauty in a spelling class, in a steel glass, sometimes even in untrimmed grass
I see beauty in your nightgown, when you're lying down, sometimes even in your ugly frown
I see beauty in my unkempt hair, in my absent minded stare, sometimes even in my shabby officewear
I see beauty in the marketplace, in the parent's hundred metre race, sometimes even in your open shoe lace
I see beauty in everything that is, in the birds and the bees, the forests and trees.

Beauty lies in the beholders eyes, even if your cosmetics think otherwise.


Shirsha Ganguly said...

well, i think the concept of beauty remains in the eyes of the beholder... but in what lyrical sense does "the beauty of POlIO feet" lie? but otherwise the poem really strikes a cord especially after coming from a long walk in JNU....

Me said...

Very well written... in our hurried existence, we tend to overlook the beauty of the simple things... and sumtimes the apparently ugly is also so beautiful... keep writing!!